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We, at Genex Insights, are market research professionals.
We specialise in customer experience management, CX software, employee surveys and research technology.

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Market Research, Voice of the Customer Software, Customer Experience & Employee Engagement Surveys

We, at Genex Insights, bring together the right people and technology to help you to gain valuable research into your industry, customers and stakeholders.

Market Research

Market Research

We can help you develop better products and services.

Customer Experience Management (CX) & CX Software

Customer Experience Management & CX Software

Our propritory CX software will help you to provide better customer service, better customer experience (CX) and better customer feedback.

Stakeholder Research

Stakeholder Research

We can help you engage better with your team.

Our Technology
Get your data
Our technology enables you to collect valuable data from multiple channels such as web, email and SMS surveys including channels such as USSD, IVR and Kiosk communication technologies.
Our Research
Make sense of your data
Our research team provides the skills needed to make sense of your data. We help you collect more accurate data and model this data to gain the most relevant insights into your business.
Survey Builder
Research Design
Business Rules
Quota Sampling
Real Time Feedback
Field Research
Dashboards and Reporting
Research Analysis
Text Analytics
Text coding
Predictive Analytics
Advanced Data Modelling

Working with professionals

When you partner with Genex, you tap into a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the research and customer experience fields. With access to highly skilled researchers, analysts, proven methodologies, and technology experts, you’ll have all you need to define the metrics that matter most to you, and design internal programs that delivers real value to your customers and other important stakeholders in your business.

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Working with professionals

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