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VOC & Unstructured Data

Until recently, VOC was mostly quantitative in nature and mainly structured according to the terms of the organisation, apart from the one customary verbatim question at the end of most surveys that represents qualitative data. The partiality towards quantitative data... read more

Beyond Dashboards

You have a voice-of-the-customer (VOC) programme. Your closed-loop service recovery is doing what it must. You have dashboards showing you every grain of trackable data. Why, then, are you not excelling? Why is your net promoter score (NPS) not shooting through the... read more

Employee engagement is the new customer engagement

The recent Customer Experience World conference speakers noted an evolution in focus from customer engagement and satisfaction to employee engagement and satisfaction. One presenter even simplified it to the point of saying that the people in a business fulfil one of two functions: They’re either serving the customer, or they’re supporting someone who is serving the customer.

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