Most companies have the same VOC implementation issues

We hosted our first Genex customer experience day recently. It was a fantastically well-subscribed event with people from various businesses and industries attending. Through the attendance and the interaction, we noticed a huge craving for real knowledge and a need for solving things that aren’t going wrong, but aren’t exactly booming either.

It was apparent that we need to focus on how to prevent VOC teams from leaving behind just another failed VOC project. None of the 20-odd organisations’ representatives who attended the expo felt that they have progressed to the other side of the slope of enlightenment (refer to Gartner’s Hype Cycle). Everyone feels that they’re either in implementation or just out of implementation. This awareness simply reinforces what we already know: that it’s a young game and there’s a lot to learn.

Off the back of this awareness and with the thirst for VOC knowledge in mind, Genex will soon launch its own academy. The academy’s main aim is to educate and empower primary stakeholders so that our clients’ customer experience teams can become thought leaders in their own right.

The CX day presented VOC teams from various backgrounds and industries the opportunity to interact and share their experiences and problems with each other. They used the day to learn from the challenges of their contemporaries, and also became participants in the wider knowledge community.

There were definite themes of obstacles and problems raised by the attendees. If you find yourself struggling with any of these themes, know that you and your VOC team are not alone. Also know that there are solutions. The current struggles of VOC teams are:

  • How do we get stakeholder buy-in?
  • How do we stay away from initially having a target score, where everyone fixates on the number and never gets to the implication and effect of that number?
  • How do we implement in an area in its start-up phase, where other areas of the business are more mature? Do we use the same measurement model? Do we isolate the new implementation?
  • What is the right way to get feedback? What are all the different channels and all the different ways? Which one works best when?
  • Reply rates: What sorts of replies should we be getting and what steps can we take to increase reply rates?
  • Meaningful measurements: we have a number, we measure that number, but it’s not really meaningful or actionable. How do we make sure that we are able to drive change?
  • Fatigue – people are getting tired of the programme now; they ask what value does VOC bring?
  • How do we get to the other side? How do we bring together other data sources? Things like VOE (voice of the employee) and internal business metrics. Interestingly, getting to this point seems to garner real executive buy-in.

We formed informal teams, who all articulated their problems and made them real. The other attendees then gave input into how they would solve these problems. We consolidated all the perspectives, added input from Genex’s perspective, and we distributed this document as a piece of thought leadership to all attendees.

We expect to see some of the same faces around the table at our next CX day, but many articulated the need to bring some executives and senior decision-makers to the table, too.

We are planning the next CX day for September. But we see there might be a need for smaller, more focussed sessions. If you’re interested in joining in, mail for more.