Until recently, VOC was mostly quantitative in nature and mainly structured according to the terms of the organisation, apart from the one customary verbatim question at the end of most surveys that represents qualitative data.

The partiality towards quantitative data made things simple, because it required very simple database structures and it presented you with numbers you could take averages of to draw a pie chart. As your VOC information became more sophisticated, you could start asking questions like “how does A predict B?” Most customer experience (CX) players are very good at this.

But how does qualitative data fit into this picture? Since qualitative data can potentially be coded quantitatively, it begs the question that at what point does qualitative data become quantitative? Qualitative data tends to present itself as unstructured data, and to make meaning of this data it is necessary for us to structure it.
But what is unstructured data and what isits potential use in VOC programmes?

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