Human beings define and explain their world through stories – we share stories to teach, entertain, share common experiences and pass along learnings. Storytelling can, therefore, be used as a tool to understand and engage customers. Customer Journey Mapping describes the narrative of your customers’ interactions with you and your brand at every touchpoint.customer journey mapping

Customer journey mapping allows the company to get inside the customer’s mindset and provides the opportunity to discover,understand and improve their experience. Customers interact with businesses in a multitude of ways and these interactions are complex. You want your customers to have the best experience possible when they interact with your business. It is to this end that you spend a great deal of time, resources and money in your attempts to ensure that their experiences are of a consistently high standard.

In order for you to gain insights and in-depth knowledge into your customers’ needs and their preferences – customer journey mapping is the best method. It also enables you to understand what makes your customers’ interactions with you and your brand an easy and pleasant experience. In your organisation, you can use customer journey mapping in various ways, these include;

  • Identifying where customers interact with your business
  • Developing a clear understanding of customers’ needs at different stages in their journey
  • Deciding if your customer journey makes sense and has a logical flow
  • Clarifying the gaps between the desired customer journey and the actual journey
  • Assisting in highlighting business development priorities
  • Building customer relationships

Organisations need to always consider that all product/service interactions have an emotional impact on the customer. It is the emotions produced during these interactions which build or breaks an organisation’s values in the view of the customer.  When you have a clear and certain understanding of your customer journey those emotions are intentionally created. If you are not sure what emotions your customer experience is evoking, you might need to consider using a tool like customer journey mapping. A customer journey map tracks the customer’s emotions through every stage and touchpoint.

By using this method of customer tracking, you can gain a holistic view of your customer, allowing your organisation to unify departmental customer data information. Customer journey mapping is one of the most efficient tools available to CX professionals today to gain a definitive understanding of the customer perspective.

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