A daunting significant venture into the unknown basked in opportunity, excitement and a bit of magic describes our most recent journey at Genex. With change being an inevitable part of any great story, we embarked on the move to our new home at IQbusiness’s offices towards the end of May 2019. Here’s what you need to know.


A little bit about Genex

As you may already know, at Genex Insights, we focus on Market Research, Voice of the Customer Software, Customer Experience and Employee Engagement Surveys.

We bring together the right people and technology to help you gain valuable research into your industry, customers and stakeholders.


Our services

  • Market Research

We can help you develop better products and services.

  • Customer Experience Management (CX) & CX Software

Our proprietory CX software will help you to provide better customer service, better customer experience (CX) and better customer feedback.

  • Stakeholder Research

We can help you engage better with your team.


Who is IQbusiness?

IQbusiness is the leading independent management consulting firm in South Africa, helping clients overcome their business challenges and achieve sustainable growth. Since 1998, they have been enabling banks, insurance companies, retailers, and others to take their products to market faster, improve customer satisfaction, upskill teams, eliminate waste, and strengthen governance and compliance.

Drawing on their core strengths – consulting, research and contracting – IQbusiness uses this flexible approach to solve clients’ problems by providing innovative, fast, and cost-effective solutions, backed by teams with real expertise and proven experience. They boldly challenge the status quo, and as architects of transformation, they help businesses reimagine change as an opportunity for growth.


How IQbusiness and Genex Insights came together

IQbusiness acquired Genex Insights from March 2019 as a means of ramping up their ambitious M&A strategy to compound its organic growth. Genex will continue to operate independently as a wholly-owned subsidiary of IQbusiness, with Tim Matthis remaining as CEO of Genex while Adam Craker, CEO of IQbusiness, oversees both companies. 

Hailing the “exciting” acquisition, Craker says; “this acquisition has expanded the insights and customer experience capabilities IQbusiness offers to its clients by providing them with a deeper understanding of the customers they serve, the industry they are part of and the people they work with. Combining the Genex market research and insights platforms and services to those provided by IQbusiness allows us to deliver engaging and relevant customer experiences and take better products to market, faster.” 


Why the acquisition? 

Craker says the acquisition was intended to “support our combined strategy as well as to enhance our growth potential, aligned to our purpose to grow people, grow business, grow Africa”. Matthis – who has become an executive partner of IQbusiness – says; “Genex Insights has grown exponentially in the past 10 years. We recognised that to continue to fast track our growth and diversity plans, we needed to rely on a combination of organic and consolidatory growth by joining forces with pioneers like IQbusiness. By joining IQbusiness, we are able to fast track our growth into new services which naturally flow from our existing customer engagements. This takes our services beyond insights and further empowers us to drive growth, service and product optimisation for our clients. The consolidation with such a trusted brand helps us to further accelerate our vision of becoming South Africa’s most trusted research partner.”

Craker welcomed Matthis to his team, saying that his expertise and vision would allow IQbusiness to expand as a customer experience management powerhouse. “We are delighted that Tim has joined the IQbusiness Partnership as he is a pioneer in customer experience insights and research. We look forward to working with Tim to grow our business brand, reputation and services,” he says.


We look forward to going on this journey with IQbusiness and we’re so excited to see how our separate entities come together to become a powerhouse in this industry.