We had no idea that the coronavirus, which made its first appearance at the end of 2019, would still be such a big influence on life in 2021. As we made our way into 2020, the world was unexpectedly shut down- and we did not have that ‘last opportunity’ to take a quick trip before lockdown happened.

While travel may be open once again, many find themselves apprehensive to take that first step and venture out back into the world.

As a result, many have come up with their ‘post-pandemic’ bucket list- one may call it “The Amplified Bucket List”. Why ‘Amplified’? you may ask… this is because of the increased realisation that time has passed and continues to pass by, with most of us still being stuck or forced into our “wake, work, weekend” routine, therefore creating lists of experiences that we hope to some day bring to reality.

Bucket lists have always been associated with people wanting to do and accomplish certain activities and things and the post-pandemic bucket lists are no different and are really pushing us to take the opportunity to do things. These things range from something as simple as learning a new skill, taking on a new project, cooking, noticing the finer things in one’s day-to-day life, or hoping to tackle the more daring experiences- those now forbidden adventures- which we may once not have considered in our wildest imaginations. Also going on to the lengthening amplified bucket list are people and events that we have been waiting to celebrate properly.

For many, it will be that opportunity to finally (maybe once again), confidently send out that ‘save the date’ card as opposed to having, for the first time ever, sent out their ‘change the date cards’ as the pandemic shut down many a special day.

The manner in which customers approach their purchase decisions have been very much influenced by the types of experiences that they want to have, and the tasks and skills that they want to cross off their bucket lists.

Taking that small trip, going out to a restaurant, explore the surroundings closer to home- have a staycation. Additionally, with the added realisation over the past year, that with remote work becoming a reality, we can get a lot of work done from really anywhere. So, many have opted for ‘working holidays’- that is, booking a home, apartment, or hotel in a stunning location with a good internet connection, and working from there, thus feeling as though they are on holiday while still getting their work done.

Lately, there might’ve been a surge of hope (however small) as over 95 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine have been administered, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) (Braithwaite, 2021). These numbers, along with Instagram vaccine selfies, might have you thinking about an actual life post-lockdown.