about us

As South Africa’s most trusted research partner, our researchers deliver more, quicker, and more reliably, by using our own stringent quality control measures, best-in-class- software and deeply experienced professionals.

We strive for excellence and aim to be industry leaders by empowering our researchers to integrate their data collection processes with sophisticated, proven technology. Our researchers are critical thinkers who want the best for their clients and themselves.

Genex Insights has built a reputation in the market for being


We pride
ourselves for being

Thought Leaders

in the industry while encouraging


thinking as well as an environment of


We look beyond the obvious, to new and fresh perspectives.

Our team of experts are responsible, accountable, trustworthy and honest… with this

High Performance

organisation, we can assure you and your organisation of only the best service, Insights, and Partnership with Genex Insights

We are Inspired by Insights


In March of 2019, IQbusiness acquired Genex Insights in the process of ramping up their ambitious Mergers and Acquisitions strategy to compound their organic growth. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of IQbusiness, we leverage the best in each other’s people and brands and continue on our acquisition path to grow South Africa’s most trusted Research partner.

Combining the Genex Market Research and Insights Platforms and Services with those provided by IQbusiness, allows us to deliver enterprise transformations in the customer experience management, measurement, and development arenas as well as fast-track superior product entry into the market.

No other South African business has the breadth of tools, Intellectual Property or experience to deliver partnerships as comprehensive as ours.

In January 2021, IQBusiness acquired the insights agency, , as part of a targeted M&A strategy to “ramp up organic growth and diversify its offering”. The innovative insights agency will be joining our Genex Insights Stable. We are pleased to welcome the team and extremely excited to embark on this journey alongside the team of nudgers.  Click here to read the full press release. 

Our Values


We remember the detail, make it right, make it good, make it the best.


We trust each other to get the job done best so that our clients will continue to trust our brand. This also means we have to have honesty and integrity in all that we do.


We can do anything great, for our clients, for ourselves, for the business – we just have to try.


It’s not enough to just be the first to do what we do – we have
to continue to innovate and be better.


We work together – each one of us has a valuable contribution to make.


We remember to keep a good sense of humour and continue to have passion and enjoy all that we do!

Working with professionals

When you partner with Genex, you tap into a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the research and customer experience fields. With access to highly skilled researchers, analysts, proven methodologies, and technology experts, you’ll have all you need to define the metrics that matter most to you, and design internal programs that deliver real value to your customers and other important stakeholders in your business.