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The event was very informative and insightful

~ CX Day Attendee

Really enjoyed the session it was really insightful

~ Customer Experience Manager

It is clear that you are all about customer service

~ HR Director

Genex Institute

The Genex Institute provides various training courses to assist your team in every step of the research journey.

Training 1: Customer Experience and Customer Experience Metrics

An overview of the history behind CX with a specific focus on Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and Net Promoter Score (NPS).



Training 2: Language of Research (Part 1)

Statistical analysis in market research covering everything from the basics (e.g. descriptive statistics) all the way through to regressions (done in part 2)



Training 3: Language of Research (Part 2)

A continuation of the language of research part 1 with a special focus on the more advanced statistical analysis techniques (e.g. regressions).


Training 4: Customer Journey Mapping

An in-depth look at customer journey mapping.



Training 5: Employee Engagement Theory and Best Practices

A review of the current theories behind employee experience coupled with best practices for measurement.



Selina de Freitas

Corporate Educator – 13 years experience

Has a Masters in Community Counselling Psychology. She lectured both under and postgraduate courses for 11 years at the Pearson Institute for Higher Education and is now the corporate educator at Genex Insights. Selina develops and facilitates all training courses and manages the Genex Institute.

Tim Matthis

Founder and Advisor Genex Insights: 9 years experience

Tim is the founder of Genex Insights. He has a B.Sc Science from Rhodes University and has designed and led some of the key trends in Customer Experience Management (CEM) in South Africa.  He was the chief architect of the first mobile survey in the world in late 2006. Tim has been the recipient of various entrepreneurship accolades including the FNB innovation awards; selection as an Endeavor ISP candidate, the Sanlam / Business partners’ entrepreneur of the year awards and a winner of the Technology Top 100 for management in People, Systems, Technology and Innovation.

Catherine Kretzman

General Manager:  Research – 7 years experience

Catherine is a General Manager at Genex and has a B.Com in Business Administration. She is currently in her 7th year with Genex Insights and has managed over 100 research projects. She has extensive experience in the management, analysis and presentation of projects of all sizes

Josh Chettiar

Research Consultant

Genex Think Tank

Knowledge sharing workshops for professionals from all areas. These "Think Tanks" are free of charge and aim to expand the knowledge base of various areas of research in South Africa (for example, Customer Experience and Employee Engagement).

Customer Experience (CX) Day

A think tank style workshop where professionals from different industries come together to share information, experience and ideas about CX


Employee Experience (EX) Day

A think tank style workshop where professionals from different industries come together to share information, experience and ideas about EX