Motor Dealer Satisfaction Surveys

Motor Dealer Survey’s provides a pre-packaged solution to dealers to proactively measure and respond to customer feedback through real time, event driven survey’s.
The platform is intended to provide dealerships with a solution that allows them to keep their finger on the pulse of their customer experience.

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The Dealer Survey platform includes the following features and functionality:

SMS Notifications:          Provides bulk SMS notifcation service to ensure customers are kept informed of upcoming service activities and can also be used to drive ongoing commnications to customers for sales activities.

SMS / Web Surveys:       Event driven real-time surveys that are executed following any interactions with your customers that you wish to measure and report on.

Advanced Analytics:       Actionable insights into how customers experience your operations. Pre-defined, real-time and meaningful analytics. Easy to understand reporting that allows you to drill down into key operational metrics within your business.

Resolve Escalations:       The resolve module tracks and categorizes any negative feedback received through surveys. The solution enables you to proactively manage customer complaints allowing you the opportunity to convert disgruntled customers into loyal happy clients