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When you partner with Genex, you tap into a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the research and customer experience fields. With access to highly skilled researchers, analysts, proven methodologies, and technology experts, you’ll have all you need to define the metrics that matter most to you, and design internal programs that delivers real value to your customers and other important stakeholders in your business.


Our technology enables you to collect valuable data via multiple survey channels, such as email, SMS, online, in-app, USSD, IVR and Kiosk touchpoints.
Our platform is one of the most mature in the market and includes all the critical components needed to run an enterprise Voice of the Customer Programme.


Our research team provides the skills needed to make sense of your data. We help you collect more accurate data and model this data to gain the most relevant insights into your business.

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Survey Builder

Survey Builder is our advanced survey creation tool, providing the capability and flexibility you need to gather feedback from your customers.

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Our survey builder allows you to easily create a wide range of surveys and supports distribution across web, email, SMS, USSD and kiosk channels. We’ve got libraries of preconfigured survey templates to get you up and running quickly.

Data is the cornerstone of a successful customer experience initiative. We’ll help you collect data across any customer touch point in your business.

real time feedback

The heartbeat of your customer experience.

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People are interacting with your business on the go. Whether it be using an app, or popping into a branch in between meetings. Real Time Feedback or RTF, as we call it in this neck of the woods, is designed to collect feedback from customers as soon after a direct interaction with your business.

We ensure that our RTF surveys are kept concise, to the point and easy for the customer to respond to especially when replying on a mobile device. We’ve seen some incredible response rates using our well designed RTF survey framework.


So much of what customer’s share is stored as unstructured information. How do you even begin to start analysing unstructured bodies of text?

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Free text feedback is the source of incredible insight from customers. We’ve developed our own text analytics algorithm that allows us to mine the wealth of information available in the form of free text feedback. We structure this data and analyse the sentiment or mood of the feedback to quickly pinpoint areas in your business needing attention.


We can help you design, implement and manage a robust customer experience improvement program for your business.

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Our teams of highly qualified and skilled analysts, researchers and program managers can help you design, implement and manage a robust customer experience improvement program for your business.

We can help you design new survey and data collection tools, guide you on where to make use of existing transactional information and augment the data you have with additional qualitative research data and analysis.


What we are great at, is quality research and professional service.

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Ever had one of those annoying calls from someone wanting to do a survey after hours? Well we know how annoying that is and respect your privacy and time. Our field researchers are trained professionals. We wont phone you after hours unless you ask us to and if you ask us not to survey you, then we won’t.

text coding

How do you even begin to start analysing unstructured bodies of text?

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In the field of research, we collect a lot of data. This data is often captured as passages of text obtained in response to field questions or other collection mechanisms. How do you even begin to start analysing unstructured bodies of text?

Coding is a process we use to reference similar passages of text a code label. It requires careful attention to detail, but makes searching for and retrieving this type of data much easier. Great for constantly comparing with new data.


Our job is to ensure that all this data is standardised and transformed into a relevant customer journeys in order to trigger relevant surveys.
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This in terms give meaningful business insights. Our business rules engine takes care of all of this as well as quota management. 

The Genex technology platform brings all your data together, applies sophisticated business rules and logic, organises it and makes sure you can use it to rapidly respond to customers in order to improve your business outcomes.

It’s a key differentiator of ours. It’s critical that the rights of your customer’s and their information is protected. Our rules engine can be configured to support complex business rules to avoid infringing on your customer’s right to privacy.

Oh and by the way, it’s also a great tool to assist in cleaning your data to improve reporting accuracy.


We ensure that you’ve got access to relevant, contextual information to make better informed decisions.

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When you think about it, there are very few members of your organisation that don’t impact your customers experience? We’re big on empowering all of your team with the necessary insights they need to improve your company’s products and services. It doesn’t matter if you’re a call centre agent on the front lines or the managing director of your business. 


We’ve successfully designed and tested numerous data models.

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Using this wealth of historic data, we’ve been able to build models with up to 85% confidence (that’s pretty high) allowing us to predict business outcomes based on customer behaviour. It’s really powerful stuff when done correctly. It relies heavily on accurate, clean data. Luckily we’ve got the skills and technology to provide just that.


Knowing how many people to talk to in order to ensure that your research is valid, and representative is a science. 

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Knowing how many people to talk to in order to ensure that you research is valid and representative is a science. We know this science well and will make sure that we get just the right amount of feedback to give you the comfort that your results are valid, while not breaking the bank in the process.


Because some insights simply can not be automated. 

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Preparing a results pack for your business the way you want it is something we know well. Slicing and dicing survey results; marrying them up with other data and providing real, experience based guidance on what to do with these results, are where we help you. Be it a PowerPoint pack, intelligent excel dashboard or anything else, our experienced analysts and research team will deliver insights to you in the way which best suits you.


Sometimes you need to know ‘What if?’. What would happen if we increased satisfaction ratings from 50% to 55%? What should we do to increase NPS? We can show you the models which answer these questions.

Market Research

Market Research allows you to investigate your customer and business needs, to understand whether these needs are met, and to further investigate the viability of products and services to meet these needs. In a world which is changing more dramatically and faster than ever before, understanding your products, services, and customers is more critical than ever.

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I am your perfect customer. I’m out there but how do you know who I am, what my interests are, where I live and what challenges I face? Market segmentation helps you define and group your customers according to common interests, values and challenges. When done well, it allows you to communicate far more effectively with them. It gives you the opportunity to present them with relevant and meaningful information. It’s a crucial first step in personalising how you communicate with your customers. Find your perfect customers (target market), engage with them on their terms and build your business around what makes them happy.
So, you found your perfect target market… But, are there enough interested customers out there to build a successful business, or launch a new product for? Market sizing takes the guesswork out of the critical business decisions you need to make, minimising the risk. It answers questions such as the geographic spread of your target market and the potential size of your target market.
Make informed decisions and take the guesswork out of your business planning processes.

Okay, so now that you know you’ve got the customers out there, how will they respond to the products/services you have to offer? Is the demand really worth the supply? Is the product that you’ve created really going to solve your customer’s real-world problems? Feasibility testing sets out to answer these questions. Feasibility testing is your way of testing before investing.
Great products consider the real-world problems they are solving for their customers. It adds confidence to your decision-making process and often stimulates better product developme

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Pricing is such an important component of your marketing mix, while finding the right price point can be one of the hardest parts of launching a new product or service. As such, doesn’t it make sense to test out the correct pricing strategy using proven research techniques? We can help make this task much less daunting and help you formulate an optimal pricing strategy based on real feedback from existing or potential customers
Conjoint analysis is used to investigate the aspects that impact the purchasing decisions of customers. So, when you need to know which product features and functionality is most important to your customers, conjoint analysis is the option for you. Allowing you to invest development effort on refining and enhancing the features most important to your customers.
How do you know if the message you are putting out there is well understood? Is it interpreted as intended by your intended audience? Is it well received? This is no longer a “nice to have”. In fact, regulations such as “Treat Customers Fairly” (TCF) actually requires formal evidence that product advertising has been tested. It may seem excessive that we’ve got to a point where ad testing is legislated in certain sectors, but don’t forget, it does provide valuable insights that you can put to good use and further build trust with your customers.

Customer experience management & cx software

Customer Experience Management means tracking and understanding your customers’ experience.
Driving a vision of positive change for your customers – and in your business – requires reliable customer research combined with real action.

We have the right people, customer feedback techniques, technology, and attitude you need to keep improving.

Trust us to provide the research and insight…You provide the vision.

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Do you personalise your communications with your customers? Customer segmentation is a great step towards more personalised communications with your customers. Our researchers and customer experience (CX) professionals help you link more meaningful data to your existing customer database. We work with you to refine your customer segmentation to a point where you are able to start truly engaging with them. By providing information and stimulating conversations about topics that are personal to your customers, you build trust. Talk to us about how you are doing customer segmentation.
Not all customer interactions are created equal. How would you know where to start? Where to focus your efforts? Customer Journey Mapping looks at the big picture first. We can help you evaluate where existing and potential customers first come into contact with your business and map out the entire journey from there. We look at how, where, and when you acquire customers, how you service and retain them, and why they leave you. Most importantly we want help you discover “Moments of Truth”, the precious moments when you have an opportunity to directly influence a customer’s decision, which will impact their subsequent action. It is these moments that we look for, where we want to drive the most significant change for your customers and your business.
Be prepared to respond. Our platform includes advanced case management functionality. It routes cases to the appropriate members of your team and escalates matters to ensure consistent, timely responses to customer queries and complaints in real time. Even more importantly, detailed case information is linked directly to the analytics service. We are able to use this information to identify and eliminate pain points in the overall customer experience (CX). We would love the opportunity to take you through a brief demo of our escalations tool.
The more data you’re able to collect and analyse throughout a customer’s lifetime (the interactions a customer has with your organisation), the more you’ll notice patterns forming in the data. We’ve successfully designed and tested numerous data models. Using this wealth of historic customer data, we have been able to build models with up to 85% confidence (that’s pretty high) allowing us to predict business outcomes. When done correctly, the results produced provide powerful actionable insights! It relies heavily on accurate, clean data. Luckily, we have got the people, the skills, and the technology to provide just that. We are not “fortune tellers”, but our team of Genies would love nothing more than crunching these numbers for you.
Do you want to offer your customers a loyalty program? Can you afford to? Can you afford not to? The value of loyalty programs has definitely been proven. But one size doesn’t fit all. In our opinion, loyalty programs are a form of value exchange. As a business, you want to incentivise customers to share their personal information with you. Our loyalty modelling service helps you answer some of these key questions when evaluating or refining a loyalty program for your business.
Many companies still run ad-hoc customer satisfaction surveys to measure customer feedback, these are typically run quarterly or annually and serve as a “dipstick” type measure of overall customer satisfaction. CSAT surveys are a great way to poll your customers and gain insight into areas of your business that may not form part of the traditional customer journey such as the case in broader customer experience management programs. It’s an extremely useful measure to gauge overall satisfaction with your businesses products or services. In our opinion, this measure should form part of a broader set of customer feedback measures designed to develop a deep understanding of your customers.

Voice of the customer

Allows you to listen to your customers’ voices across a number of digital channels which are most convenient for them. Our technology is Omni-Channel, class leading and large-enterprise-ready. It allows you to collect survey replies across a number of different methods including:

Our predictive analytics uses proprietary goal setting technology which enables you to build ground-up actions in your business, which drive meaningful change.

We want to maximise the effectiveness of your survey programme and will help you to implement your Customer Experience Management project in a way which will best deliver the results you need.


Two-way SMS surveys

(Which we pioneered)

Email to Web



(including WhatsApp)





stakeholder research

Your team and your business partners keep your business moving forward. Stakeholder research will help you tap into valuable feedback from internal stakeholders. It will highlight the experience that they have within your organisation, and will further help you understand their needs and will allow you to engage better with them

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Employee Engagement Models
While Customer Experience is key, Employee Experience and consequently employee satisfaction, certainly play a critical role in ensuring customer satisfaction.
Therefore, the following questions should be answered:
How aligned is your team to the goals and objectives of your business? How aware are they of your key business goals? Are they trained and equipped to perform the tasks you ask of them? How do you know what motivates the different teams if you do not ask them? In order to retain talent in your business, you need to gain an understanding of what motivates and inspires your staff to realise their full potential. We can design a bespoke employee engagement model to measure and report on the key performance metrics you have defined as a business. We can help ensure that your metrics align correctly to your business goals. We further link this research to the implementation of strategies in your business designed to get the best out of your team.
Employee Surveys
With all that is going on today in our busy working worlds, sometimes the best way to find out how our staff are feeling is to pop them a quick survey. Perhaps you want to know what they think of a training intervention you have implemented? Or simply find out how their week has been…We can help you to design simple, once-off or complex ongoing custom survey models specific to your staff and your business needs. Talk to us about employee surveys.
Exit Surveys
Staff churn is a reality for all businesses. Exit interviews are common practice in companies across the globe, but exit surveys are a great way to validate some of the common causes of employee churn and provide insights on how to improve employee retention.
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Post Event Surveys
A significant investment goes into arranging corporate events. Wouldn’t it be great if you could obtain valuable feedback from attendees following these events? Find out how they felt about the content of the event, could anything have been done better in their opinion? Using this feedback to enhance the experience of future events starts the cycle of ongoing improvement. We can help you run post event surveys designed to measure the impact of this continuous experience improvement and generate some real returns on your investment.
Staff Loyalty
Loyalty is difficult to measure. What most often matters though is to know if your employees are going to stick around for the next while or if they are shopping for other work. Using cleverly structured questionnaires we can help you to profile loyal staff and predict those that are at risk of leaving and help you to save the ones you want to save.
Partner Surveys
How do I drive improvements in my value chain, in my fulfilment network? Your partners play a crucial role in the value you provide to customers. Tap into their feedback and use it to drive operational improvements to your business. Contact our talented team to show you how.

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