Senior Data Analyst

Job Description:

The senior data analyst will be essentially be responsible for data processing within the organisation.  This would include data cleaning and QC, analyses, data file set up and testing and performing necessary statistical testing on a range of projects, whilst providing a support function to the research executives.

Accuracy of data is the foundation of our business and thus, attention to detail, meticulousness and accuracy are crucial.  Since our business is deadline driven,  the candidate will need to be a team player who is  self-motivated and works well under pressure.  He / she should be able to demonstrate a sense of urgency in his / her workings, whilst not compromising on quality.

Due to the  nature  of  the  work  required,  while  some  tasks  may  be  more  challenging, others may be a bit more repetitive and therefore requires that the  candidate not become bored or distracted during such tasks.

The candidate should demonstrate keen time management skills to ensure that tasks get completed on time and within deadline.  The candidate will  be  required  to  master  the  use  of  our  internal  data analysis program.

Although the online tutorials will be provided,  the candidate should be self-motivated in learning to use this program and should enjoy the challenge of self-teaching.


Required Skills

  • Must have an aptitude for numbers – high grades in Maths essential
  • Experience in Survey to Go and Dooblo preferential
  • Degree in analytics,  statistics,  etc
  • Prior experience in an analytical role
  • Strong analytical mind / Excellent problem solving abilities
  • Ability to think logically
  • Excellent verbal & written communication skills
  • Must demonstrate an ability to pay attention to detail and accuracy
  • Should demonstrate good time management skills
  • Able to work under pressure
  • Most important is that the candidate should be looking for a longer term position with a company where they grow with the company.

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